Lirik Lagu Amnesia – Britney Spears

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Judul : Amnesia

Artis : Britney Spears

Lirik Lagu :

I saw him standin’ there

In the parkin’ lot

He asked if I

Came here a lot

And this is how

I responded

I forgot my name

I forgot my telephone number

If he wanna see me

He don’t even know it

I forgot my address

Damsel in distress

I forgot my boyfriend

Was the one that had bought me this bra

[Chorus 2:]

I get amnesia

When I’m standin’ next to you-ou-ou

He’s been with me for several years

I know this much is true

Didn’t know it was over

Til you came on over

And told me that you just, just can’t

Forget about me
I talk to my girls

I can talk to my girls like crazy

To anyone, I speak my mind

I tell them mother don’t phase me

I’m not lazy

But boy, lately

When I see you, I stu-utter

Watch you slip away like butterflies
I saw you stand

in’ there

In the VIP on Friday

We conversate up in my

Fantasies like, every day

But I’m a dud

Whenever you approach

Like yesterday when you just

Came to say hello
[Chorus 2]


This is how I do
I talk to most guys

I can talk to most guys like crazy

To anyone, I’ll speak my mind

I tell them mother don’t phase me

But you shake me

Boy, you make me

St-o-o-o-op and stutter

When we touch, I me

lt like butter

I saw you standin’ there

In the VIP on Saturday

Now that I know you got a

Thing for me, I should be straight

Not the kinda girl who’ll just let

Any guy get close

I like him so I’m gon’ tell my guy

He should just effin’ go
[Chorus and Chorus 2]


This is how I do

[Irma wulandari/HD]

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